6 Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Bathroom

If you are blessed with a spacious modern bathroom, you probably do not spend a lot of time wondering where to store your towels, wash products or cleaning supplies. But if you live in the San Francisco East Bay, chances are your bathroom is on the smaller side making storage space an issue. While remodeling your bathroom is one way to gain more space, some people need a temporary solution before embarking on this journey. 

As a one of the premiere cabinet suppliers in the East Bay, Distinctive Cabinetry has helped thousands of clients from Moraga, Lafayette, Alamo, Orinda and Walnut Creek with space issues in their bathroom. From bath cabinets and bath vanities to simple storage suggestions here are six ways you can add more storage space to your bathroom.


1) Replace Your Pedestal Sink with a Cabinet

Pedestal sinks look great, but they are not exactly conducive to storage. Adding a cabinet surround to your existing pedestal sink can give you more storage space and help you clear away the clutter.



2) Add Shelves to Your Cabinet Sink 

You can squeeze even more storage out of your bathroom cabinet with adjustable storage shelves. From cleaning supplies to toilet paper, you can use your newfound space to keep the essentials close at hand


3) Use Hanging Hooks for Your Cleaning Supplies 

You do not have to give up precious cabinet space to store your cleaning supplies. Just hang a few hooks inside the cabinet doors and place your cleaning supplies there.


4) Take Advantage of Vertical Space

From the space above the showerhead to the area above the towel rack, you have plenty of room for shelving units and other storage solutions. Making the most of your vertical space can help you clear away the clutter and maximize your available storage space


5) Replace Your Economy Size Toiletries with Smaller Sizes

Buying economy size hand lotions and shampoos can save you a lot of money, but it can also cost you much-needed storage space. You can solve that dilemma by purchasing small decorative jars and filling them with your economy size buys.


6) Store Your Towels on the Back of the Bathroom Door

If your small bathroom does not have space for a towel rack, why not use the space behind the door? A door-mounted towel rack is an excellent solution to your storage dilemma — and a great looking one as well.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these six tips to add more storage space to your bathroom. With a few simple upgrades and some creative ideas, it’s easy to create more storage space, clear away the clutter and get more enjoyment out of your bathroom. 

If you’re trying to find the right bath cabinet or bath vanity for your remodel, stop by Distinctive Cabinetry. We help clients choose the perfect cabinets as well as deliver a professional and successful bathroom renovation to our customers. 

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