Adorable Bathroom Vanities to Enhance Your Bath Decor

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, choosing a bathroom vanity is often one of the most difficult tasks. There are many styles of bathroom vanities so the possibilities are endless. Vanities should go along with your bathroom accessories, tub or shower, toilet, and other bath decor items and colors.

What are Vanities?

Bathroom vanities are small cabinets that feature a built-in sink or two with faucets and sometimes even an attached mirror or medicine cabinet. A vanity looks like a small version of a kitchen cabinet and usually has fancy carvings and knobs to give it a decorative appeal. Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers build and sell vanities as well. There are three basic types of vanities as defined by manufacturers: Euro Style (or frameless), standard North American Frame, and Furniture.


high-end-bathroom-vanitiesEuro Style Bathroom Vanities

The Euro Style cabinets are frameless, meaning they don’t have a face frame. The cabinet doors are hung on the box and are usually made of laminated particle board. A sturdier, more durable option for Euro Style vanities is flakeboard (furniture-grade) for the cabinet doors, which will usually last longer and withstand the moisture.

Pictured right, Black Euro Style Bathroom Vanity with China Top.


North American with Frame

north-american-bathroom-vanityThe North American vanity has a face frame, which is attached to a box. The doors hang from the frame. The cabinet frames are usually made of fiberboard or plywood, or solid wood for a higher grade vanity.


Furniture Vanities

furniture-bathroom-vanitiesThe Furniture type vanity is a trendy and luxurious bathroom cabinet that resembles fine furniture instead of a standard box and frame. These are finely crafted and sold as high-end bath furniture. There are even custom design options for the really fancy bathroom decor.


Materials and Pricing

Bathroom vanities are often made of synthetic materials or wood. The cabinets might be laminated, veneered, or painted. Popular woods include cherry wood and maple, with oak still being a favorite. Thermafoil doors are gaining popularity because of the medium density fiberboard that is coated in opaque plastic. Many cabinets have a natural stained wood look or are painted white. Pedestal bathroom sinks also come in fancy designs made of wood, wrought iron, or stone.

The pricing for bathroom vanities ranges from $95 to over $1000 depending on the type of cabinet and the materials used to build it.


Shopping for a Bathroom Vanity

Vanities are available at home furniture outlets, home remodeling stores, some department stores, and at many online stores. Shop around before choosing a vanity to be sure and find the perfect one to fit your needs. A vanity should be both decorative and practical. If you feel two sinks will be more convenient, look for vanities with double sinks. If you need lots of storage, look for a vanity with plenty of cabinet space underneath.

Also, choose a higher quality vanity even if it means paying more so the cabinet will last longer against moisture. The bathroom is where the most moisture builds in your home, and some materials will last longer than others in moist conditions. When considering a vanity, think of how it will look in the room with your other fixtures and bathroom accessories. For a girl’s bathroom, the vanity should be a little fancy with colors and designs to fit her taste. For a boy’s bathroom, a simplistic design will do.

Also, consider how it will look with a bathroom mirror and your bath lighting. These all go together to set the mood in the room. With a complete bath remodeling project, think of the bathroom furniture and accessories ahead of time so you can plan appropriately.

Use these ideas to compare bathroom vanities and find the perfect match to create a stylish look everyone will adore!


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by Candice Pardue

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