Avoid this one mistake when designing your Kitchen…

GO IT ALONE! Designing a kitchen by yourself to save money is the most common mistake professionals in the industry come across. At one point or another we’ve all caught the remodeling show on television where the novice decides he’s going to flip this or flip that….HIMSELF. And I would be laughing as well if it wasn’t commonplace. Instead I just shake my head and think you could avoid this one mistake when designing your kitchen by simply speaking with a professional kitchen designer.

In most cases the wasted dollars in money, time and energy is equal to what it would have cost to hire a professional kitchen designer in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage self-education. I’m the first one to take apart an appliance and figure out how it works. But taking on a kitchen design by yourself, as noble as it is, is daunting. Hiring an “Architect”/Designer is crucial to the success of a kitchen project. Their knowledge, expertise and experience can not be replicated by first-timers (which most are). Kitchen designers know the latest trends and manufacturer details to help identify specific needs in the desired kitchen space. They are familiar with materials, contractors, permits, etc.

In my opinion, two main aspects of any improvement project are #1) The Plan/Layout, Design and #2) Selection and blending (or marriage) of materials.

  1. For example, Distinctive Cabinetry kitchen designers use a top-of-the-line 3D rendering program to help the clients visualize their kitchen design, remodel or renovation before settling on a final layout. Wouldn’t you want see how different your kitchen would look with mission or traditional cabinetsKitchen Design - 3D Rendering for Client
  2. In regards to the selection and blending of materials, How many first-timers would consider a backsplash to be an important visual element in the kitchen? Or that it should complement the cabinet finish and counter it sits on. Nope, they most likely are concerned with leaving room for the “stainless-steel” appliances because “that is what everybody wants”, right? The correct blending of textures shapes and color can often conceal a poor design.

I’m here to help “Kitchen Mavericks” of the Bay Area whom are thinking about a kitchen design, remodel or renovation… talk to a professional. It will be worth it.


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