5 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island adds functionality to a kitchen while also contributing to the aesthetic of the space. If you’re planning to move in the near future or are renovating your current kitchen, pay attention to layout options with an island. Kitchen islands are an asset to virtually any kitchen space, boasting the following benefits for homeowners.

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5 Benefits of a Kitchen Island:


For many homeowners, lack of storage space in the kitchen is a major issue. A kitchen island can add cabinets, pull-out shelves and drawers, and/or open storage space without the major expense of replacing or adding wall cabinets. If you use your kitchen island for meal prep, having commonly used kitchen equipment (i.e. mixing bowls, spatulas) right at your fingertips is convenient, making prep go more smoothly.




When you’re entertaining family or friends or feeding your kids breakfast before school, it’s wonderful to have a place for people to sit right where you’re preparing the food. You’ll be able to stay involved in the kitchen conversation without having people getting in your way at the stove or sink. Even in a small space, a counter extension that adds two more seats can be a huge asset for the kitchen.




A kitchen island makes it simple for the entire family to gather together. The kids can be involved in meal prep without getting in the way or can get their homework done while you’re making dinner or doing the dishes. Kitchen islands tend to have lower drawers and cabinets, making them easily accessible for young family members. Consider installing a refrigerated drawer or a microwave at kid height or store favorite kid dishes and snacks where they can reach them without assistance.



Adding an island to your kitchen may be the perfect opportunity to get one or more high-end kitchen amenities you’ve always wanted, such as an extra prep sink, built-in butcher block, or wine cooler. If you’ve been dreaming of these features for years, now is the time to make them happen. It’ll be much easier to include the extra feature or features when you install the island than it will be to add them later.




When you’re embarking on a major home renovation with plans to put your home on the market within the next five years, it’s important to consider resale value. Homeowners place a top priority on renovated kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re going to sink major funds into your home, usually you’ll see the highest return on investment with a renovation in one of these two areas. A kitchen renovation is the opportunity to install the island that the space has always needed.


If you desire a kitchen island but have limited floor space, consider a movable kitchen island or cart. A movable unit gives you the flexibility to have extra prep space or seating when you need it as well as the extra floor space when you need it. For example, when you’re entertaining guests, keep the cart in the kitchen during the meal prep. Then move it out of the way while you’re enjoying the meal.

Stationary and movable kitchen islands are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. Consider adding a kitchen cart in a different style or material than the rest of the kitchen to create contrast and add character to the space. Kitchen islands are also available in a range of shapes. If your kitchen island isn’t conducive for a square or rectangle island, think about an oval, diamond, or even triangle shaped island.

So Many Kitchen Island Choices:

Choosing the right island for the available kitchen space will greatly increase the room’s versatility. You want to get an island that suits your cooking routine or resale requirements, but you also don’t want to overspend. A small island with a laminate surface is ideal for a budget-conscious homeowner while a large island with a granite countertop and custom butcher block may be a better fit for a high-end renovation or update. Be honest about your needs, preferences, and budget.

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