4 Materials for Your Home Cabinets

Picking out new home cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is always an exciting prospect. New home cabinets almost always mean a whole new look in whichever room you are renovating, and this gives you a lot of ideas to play with. 

However, there is more than one critical decision to be made when picking out new cabinets. At Distinctive Cabinetry in Walnut Creek, we’ve helped thousands of clients from Orinda, Alamo, Moraga and Walnut Creek choose the right cabinets for their remodel. Although the look of the new cabinets will change the look of your room, you need to consider the cost of the entire project and the durability of your cabinets.

This is why choosing the right material matters. It should be noted, Distinctive Cabinetry only works with the highest quality cabinet manufacturers. We specialize in kitchen and bath cabinets that are either high-end or custom-made. For the purpose of this post, we will review the most common types of cabinet materials, but remember that old saying… “Buy cheap, buy twice.” We offer bath and kitchen cabinet products that will last decades. 


1) Hardwoods

When it comes to cabinets, hardwoods are considered the best material for this application. There are different types of hardwoods available, and each type of hardwood will have its own texture, grain pattern, and color. Because hardwoods are natural products, there are natural variations between different products, such as knots and streaks. These are considered to add to their beauty.

In terms of performance, hardwoods are durable and survive for years in different environments. However, hardwoods are typically more expensive than other material options. We work closely with the following manufacturers to supply quality hardwood cabinets: StarMark Cabinetry, Ultracraft Cabinetry, Waypoint Living Spaces, Plato Woodwork, Eclipse Cabinetry, Shiloh Cabinetry, and WW Wood Products.



2) Plywood 

Plywood is considered the best all-around material for cabinets by many experts. This material is made by gluing together layers of wood under pressure and heat. This material has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio compared to other materials.

Plywood is more moisture-resistant and holds screws better than other materials. Plywood also stands up quite well to dents, dings, and sagging. It’s usually the top choice for cabinet backs, drawer bottoms, shelves, and sides


3) Medium-Density Fiberboard 

Medium-density fiberboard is usually referred to as MDF. Its main appeal is that it’s a cheaper plywood alternative. MDF is made from resin and wax mixed with recycled fibers that make it durable and strong. The smoothness of the material’s surface makes it a great choice for cabinet surfaces that will be painted later on. MDF is, however, more susceptible to moisture than plywood, and it’s also heavier.


4) Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is not used as the main cabinet material. It is used as a finish material for cabinets. This is because the wood veneer is just a thin layer of solid hardwood that’s made by peeling a log. This material can be glued to MDF and particleboard, allowing you to get the look of hardwood at a lower price.


Depending on your budget any of these options can be the ideal cabinet material for your bath or kitchen remodel. Better yet, if you would like to see samples of varying cabinet styles in these materials, stop by our Walnut Creek showroom. We work with contractors, builders, and homeowners in selecting the right home cabinets for their project.

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