This post originally appeared on the StarMark Cabinetry Website.


Tweens and Teens in The Kitchen

1)  Tweens and teens are independent, busy, and bringing their friends home. We’ve put together some tips for a kitchen redesign with kids in mind.

2)  To make life easier in the main kitchen, locate your pantry out of the flow of traffic, and store quick-fix meals towards the front to avoid congestion.

3)  A side-by-side refrigerator with ice and water in the door is convenient. Be sure to keep drinking cups next to the fridge.

4)  Install a warming drawer in your base cabinets to keep meals ready for kids eating in shifts.

5)  Consider installing a second, smaller kitchen in a family or recreation room. (You can use it as a wet bar later or as a prep kitchen for those big holiday dinners with the grandkids much later.) This kitchen cabinet design could have

•  a sink
•  a small refrigerator
•  a microwave
•  a pizza oven
•  a small dishwasher
•  an ice maker
•  pantry space for quick-fix meals and snacks.


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