A Look at European-Style Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no doubt that remodeling your kitchen is an exciting endeavor. Homeowners from Alamo, Lafayette, Orinda and Walnut Creek meet with Distinctive Cabinetry daily to discuss their kitchen goals, traffic flow, storage needs and, of course, kitchen cabinetry. While some clients focus on function others lean towards beauty.

Regardless of your preference, our cabinet showroom is full of working door samples such as: European, Mission, Modern, Shaker and Traditional. Furthermore, being that the San Francisco East Bay is a metropolitan mix of cultures, it’s probably no surprise that the European style of kitchen cabinet is the most popular. They’re designed to offer uniformity, ease of use, and balance. Below are other features of European-Style Kitchen Cabinets:


1. Construction of European-Style Cabinets

european-style-cabinetry-construction-walnut-creekThe European-style kitchen relies on traditional cabinetry featuring the full overlay. With this style, the door covers the entire front or face of the cabinet. As a result, you cannot see the inner framework of the cabinet unless the door is open. The full-overlay style is also known as frameless construction because the frame is invisible when the doors are closed.

Since European-style cabinets are built to have a uniform appearance, exposed sides are identical in design to the front panel. If any of the cabinets feature open shelving, the shelves are built to match the fronts and sides of the cabinets.


2. European-Style Cabinetry Finishes

Wood is the preferred material for crafting European-style cabinets. Typically, a high gloss is used to finish all exterior surfaces. However, a matte finish is also utilized when it is preferred over a glossy sheen.



3. Features of European-Style Cabinets

This style of cabinetry is designed to offer hard lines, dramatic angles, and flowing curves. The cabinets feature a fitted appearance that is sleek and designed to take up as little space as possible while creating a gorgeous look.

Traditional designs rely heavily on natural materials such as hardwood and granite, while modern styles have been influenced to incorporate ceramics, glass, and laminates into their construction. European cabinetry typically features earth tones and whites. Their natural coloring is designed to offer warmth while infusing a sense of calm into the room.

True European kitchens are often small, particularly because the kitchen was separated from the rest of the home during the development of this style. Therefore, functionality and efficiency are essential components of this design. Traditional and modern European styles are available, providing lots of options for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinetry.


Remodeled or just updates, new kitchen cabinetry is one of the best investments to make in a home. There’s no doubt there are an abundance of manufacturers when it comes to European-Style Cabinets. However, Distinctive Cabinetry only works with the top European-Style cabinet suppliers such as: Eclipse Cabinetry & Ultracraft Cabinetry. Visit our Walnut Creek Showroom to view a wide variety of bath and kitchen cabinet samples.


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