Styles of Bathroom Vanities: Types of Materials and Average Costs

At Distinctive Cabinetry, clients from all over the East Bay stop into our Walnut Creek showroom wanting to remodel their bathroom. From bathroom cabinets to bathroom vanities we help clients choose the right products to match their style and better yet, fit in their budget. 

Replacing an old bathroom vanity with a new one can completely transform your bathroom. It is a great idea to upgrade it to one that better fits to the style you are going for, whether it includes more high-end materials, has a different type of sink, or provides you with more bathroom storage. This guide will help you choose the new vanity and get it installed.

1) Styles of Bathroom Vanities

The first decision to make when you are shopping around for a new bathroom vanity is to choose the main vanity style. The two styles you have to choose from are a built-in vanity or a freestanding vanity. Built-in vanities require more installation and take up more space, however you gain a lot of space and organization. On the other hand, freestanding vanities are easier to install and ideal for small bathrooms. If you are remodeling your bathroom to have a separate bathtub and shower, you might have less space left for the vanity. Thus, a freestanding vanity would be perfect in this scenario. 

Your next consideration is whether you want the vanity to come with a top, or if you’d rather purchase the top and the sink separately. Purchasing these elements separately give you more design options and the ability to truly have a unique bathroom. When sold together, you might save more, but you are limited to whatever top the vanity comes with.



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2) Materials to Consider 

Next you need to choose the best material for the bathroom vanity and countertop. With the vanity itself, including the cabinets and drawers of the vanity base, you might find it in real wood, composite materials, or even metal for modern-style bathrooms. There are more options with the vanity top, such as high-end materials like granite, marble, lavastone, and quartz. Some other materials include fire clay, composite, solid surface, and laminate.


3) Average Costs of Bathroom Vanities 

Finally, make sure you look at the costs of the bathroom vanities to be sure you are making the right choice. Vanities vary in price based on the style, size, manufacturer, and materials. Marble, granite, and lavastone tend to be more expensive, ranging over $1,000 for the vanity and countertop. Average prices hover in the $300-$800 range, while inexpensive and smaller vanities can be under $200. This is for the materials alone, so you’ll need to consider adding labor costs for a professional installation.


Next to your kitchen, the bathroom is probably the next space you’ll spend a lot of time. making updates in bathrooms can not only change the aesthetic of the space, but offer a fantastic return on investment. 

If you’re trying to find the right bath vanity for your remodel or view the different material samples, stop by Distinctive Cabinetry. We understand what it takes to help clients choose the perfect bath vanity as well as deliver a professional and successful bathroom remodel to our customers. 


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