Tips for a Great Kitchen Design

kitchen design distincitve cabinetryMany homeowners underestimate the importance of their kitchens, but in fact this humble room is one of the most important in the house.  Designing a great kitchen can make everything from preparing meals to entertaining friends much easier, so it makes a lot of sense to plan a kitchen redesign with care.  The right design can make the kitchen more pleasant and easier to use.  The wrong design can leave you and your family frustrated (and hungry).


One of the most critical parts of any home makeover is the measuring.  The old carpenter’s advice to measure twice and cut once is very much at work here.  When it comes to redesigning an existing kitchen it is critical to carefully measure the existing windows, door casings and other built in structures.  In order for new cabinets and appliances to fit properly you will need to know exactly how much space is available.  An estimate is not enough.  Measuring properly is the key to all that follows.


It is also vital to make sure that there are plenty of extra receptacles in the room before getting started.  It is much easier to add extra ones before you get started with the kitchen redesign or remodel.  Keep in mind that just about everything in the kitchen, not only the built in appliances but many other kitchen tools as well, will need to be plugged in.  Plan ahead and err on the side of too many receptacles.


Planning ahead is also vital when it comes to making use of vertical space.  Many kitchen designs leave too much vertical wall space untapped.  By planning ahead and choosing appliances wisely homeowners can use this wasted space to their advantage.


One of the most popular ways to utilize vertical space is to install a built-in microwave above the stovetop.  This can be a good strategy, but again it is important to measure the space available.  Not all built-in microwaves will fit in the space available, so be sure to measure first and shop later.  Also be sure that both the microwave and the stovetop will be easily accessible by all the cooks in the home.


The height of the backsplash is another important consideration, and one that deserves some thought.  When deciding how high the backsplash will be it is vital to consider not only your own height but the height of the tallest appliances and cabinets as well.


One often overlooked aspect of kitchen design is the importance of the floor.  While most people focus on the appliances, kitchen cabinetry and storage areas, it is important not to lose sight of the floor on which all these items will sit.  More to the point, it is important to know whether or not the floor is level.  In a perfect world the kitchen floor would be perfectly level, but this is seldom the case.


A floor that leans to one side or another can mean the stovetop will not cook evenly, the oven will not brown food properly and using the kitchen will be more difficult than need me.  Finding a level spot for the stove and other appliances is a critical part of kitchen design, and one that can affect the rest of the room.


Designing the perfect kitchen is never an easy process, but the rewards of a well designed cooking workspace are many.  From more family meals to more enjoyable time together, designing a great kitchen provides many rewards.  The key is to plan ahead and know what to expect before getting started.


by beconrad


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