Current economic conditions mean many homeowners are choosing to forgo buying a newer home and remodel the home they’re in. Bath and kitchen remodeling are two of the most popular updates for several reasons. First and foremost for many homeowners is the fact that updating kitchens and baths can add resale value to the home. Second, these two rooms see a great deal of family activity, and small inconveniences become chronic annoyances.





One hot kitchen remodeling trend is simplicity. Kitchens are being streamlined. Small appliances are tucked away behind closed doors to clear counter space and add an open feeling to the kitchen. Bathrooms feature increased natural light, and private spaces for toilets.



kitchen-remodeling-cabinet-hardware-east-bayBudget-conscious homeowners are looking to economize on remodeling projects. Two popular kitchen remodeling trends are re-facing cabinets and modernizing hardware. These projects make the kitchen look new in a budget-friendly manner.



Updating appliances is one way to take advantage of modern technology to add convenience to everyday tasks. Large appliances are more energy-efficient than ever, with a wide range of features from which to choose. Refrigerators are available in traditional top-freezer styles, side-by-side, and French door models. There are even refrigerator drawers for under-counter food storage. Besides ice and water dispensers through the door, some refrigerators incorporate televisions and Internet access.

Stoves are available in dual-fuel models which allow the cook to choose gas or electric depending on what is being cooked. Some dishwashers are designed to store dishes as well as wash them.

Small appliances are also popular conveniences. Coffee centers can prepare traditional coffee, espresso, and cappuccino at a fraction of the cost of stopping at a local coffee shop. Water dispensers can offer instant hot or cold water at the push of a button.



Another popular bath and kitchen remodeling trend is the use of natural materials for countertops. Granite is one of the more expensive options, while other options include quartz, concrete, and wood. The emphasis is on ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as durability.





bathroom-remodeling-east-bayBathrooms are borrowing ideas from spas and incorporating a touch of luxury. Heated floors, large showers and soaking tubs are three popular bathroom remodeling trends. Other hot trends include toilet enclosures for privacy and customized storage solutions, as well as the ever-popular dual vanity. One inexpensive update that adds convenience is the medicine cabinet with interior power plugs for razor and electric toothbrush.



Another consideration in bathroom remodeling trends is safety. With the majority of home accidents occurring in the bathroom, as well as an aging population and care of elderly or disabled relatives, safety features are important. Walk-in tubs, shower seats, and grab bars which are decorative as well as functional are three popular safety features.



The one thing most experts agree on is the fact that for optimum value, choose neutral colors and styles for the big things, like walls, cabinets, appliances and fixtures. Use inexpensive accessories to add color and contemporary style. The most important kitchen and bath remodeling trend is to avoid expensive fads that will quickly outdate your room.


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